What’s the story about?

ScrollsFor over two millennia the history of the Lamanites has been concealed and their legacy has faded along with the passage of time. The Lamanite records are finally revealed In the Hands of the Gadiantons.

The city of Zarahemla is in turmoil as Samuel, the greatest Lamanite prophet, has disappeared before his prophecies are about to be fulfilled. After Ishmael reluctantly begins his apprenticeship with his father, the Lamanite record keeper, he discovers the writings of Laman, son of Lehi, concealed within the walls of the Archives.

Ishmael must decide how to remain loyal to his Lamanite ancestors as he struggles with accepting the beliefs of his beloved Maija and is entangled by the Gadianton robbers. I hope you will enjoy the compelling story of conversion, hardship, and joy, through the eyes of the Lamanites during the magnificent time of the Savior’s birth.